Sweet 16 Tropical Snapchat Filter
Sweet 16 Tropical Snapchat Filter
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Sweet 16 Tropical Snapchat Filter

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Celebrate your birthday in style with your own custom Snapchat Geofilter! 

Sweet 16 tropical snapchat geofilter now available for full customization.
12-24hr turnaround time! For any Age!


Please add the following information in the ‘Party Details’ text box during the checkout process.
––– Name: 
––– Birthday Age:

Note: your custom/personalized geofilter is a digital good; formatted in a .png file as per Snapchat’s requirements.

After your purchase, you will receive the customized geofilter as per your instructions within 24hrs of purchase in .PNG format. 

1. Once you have received your filter, go to www.snapchat.com/on-demand.
2. Click "Create Now".
3. Log into your Snapchat account. 
4. Choose your filter and upload the .PNG file.
5. Select your location, date, and time.

Once your filter gets approved you will receive an e-mail from Snapchat confirming this.

🔷Notes 🔷
- Hashtags are not allowed by Snapchat
- Full Names are prohibited, only first names or last names are acceptable
- On-demand geofilters are only available in the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia and Brazil
- Layout can slightly change due to length of name/s

Uploading personalized geofilters to Snapchat costs a minimum of $5, but the price varies depending on the size of the location and length of the event. For example, a 20,000 square foot location, for 7 hours use, would be approximately $5. It can take up to 1 day for Snapchat to process the filter after submission – please keep this in mind, when purchasing.

For more info on snapchat on-demand geofilters view this link: https://support.snapchat.com/en-US/co/on-demand-geofilters

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